NCBAE Board & Team members 

Daphney Thomas, founder

Daphney Thomas


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Kimberly Bolden

Board Member
Founder, Southwestern Ohio Minority Arts Alliance

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Makiyah Smith

Rising Board Member
Muralist, Audio Visual Technician


Haley Mendez (she/her)

Assistant to President/Founder

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Kelijah Houston

Rising Board Member
Drama Major/Actor/Stage Manager

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RH Valentino Sweeten

Board Member
Founder, Beat Lounge Ltd
Owner, RH & Co. Image Consulting

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Kelly Houston

Board Member
Art Collector, Nightlife Venue Management, Community Activist

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Dr. Courtney Terry

Board Member
Director of Education, The Hip Hop Museum (Bronx, NY)


Kimberly Gory & Napoleon Maddox

Board Members
Founders, Underworld Black Arts Festival

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Toilyn O'neal-Turner

Board Member
CEO & Founder, The Robert O'Neal Multicultural Arts Center